Anni Piper remembers the moment she first heard the blues - “It was Paul Butterfield and I knew straight away this was the direction I was heading", she says. Anni has released a stunning debut album of authentic Blues originals. With sultry vocals and excellent musicianship. “Jailbait” marks the first leg of the journey for this young woman from Wollongong.

At 26 she is one of the young, exciting new Blues talents emerging in Australia, making an impact on the Blues scene. Her instrument is the bass guitar ("preferring to lay down a groove rather than scream out a solo"). A gifted Australian Blues songwriter, she is able to capture the economy of language and wit of the Blues in her lyrics.

Feature tracks include: "Real Blues Mama" which describes the ample proportions of the great female Blues singers, "Come In My Kitchen" whips up a tasty blues meal, while the acoustic "Man's Woman" celebrates the down to earth kind of woman that blues men dream of!

Anni Piper - Jailbait