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The Hornets - Dangersous Dancing
The Hornets - Dangerous Dancing
Déborrah ‘Moogy' Morgane

An institution of the Melbourne Blues/Roots scene, The Hornets have landed the best album of their long career. Bandleader and songwriter Craig Horne states:
“The CD has a theme of ‘denial' which kinda suits the current political climate we face both here in Australia and the Western world… they’ll intimate the general feeling”.

Including luminaries of the scene such as Bruce Haymes (keyboards), Jeff Burstin (guitar), Wayne Burt (guitar), the album is well crafted and a genuine group effort.

Feature tracks are “Crazy Wind”, “Fire & Flood” - a clever re-working of Robert Johnson’s 32/20 Blues, and “Can’t Go Back”, a detailed personal recollection of leaving a small country town.