Dreamboogie / Wearin' It OUt
Paulie Bignell and The Thornbury Two - Lost and Dangerous

By popular demand, Dreamboogie’s much anticipated 3rd album was recorded totally live in the studio, enabling the band to capture the performance energy of their live shows. Having built a solid reputation for the intensity of their live sound, Dreamboogie were keen to capture this in a controlled recording environment.

Featured are live versions of some of their most requested Blues interpretations – from the classic “Crossroads”, to the attention-seeking “Lonely Woman (On The Loose)" and the live version of their recent studio single “Now The Kings Are Gone” – a self-penned tribute to BB King, Albert King and Freddie King.

For all its double entendre suggestiveness, feature track “Don’t You Feel My Leg” is actually a re-invention of a political metaphor song from the late 30's - give some people an inch and they'll take a mile.