Black Market Music brings exceptional Australian Blues and Roots music to the nation; and then the world. Our goal is to continue to release high quality, innovative Australian blues and roots albums and to ensure the development of future talent. Our blues scene has seen a rapid evolution in the past 10 years; we wish to ensure that the blues remains a prominent part of our culture.

Australia’s culture differs from America’s (the birthplace of the blues) so it follows that we bring something unique to the art form. We view the genre as a whole and integrate the diverse styles into our collective repertoire with a knowledge and respect for its history.

Black Market Music artists share this philosophy and work hard, tour regularly and focus on their music and performance skills. We take artist development seriously and work closely with the musicians so they can fulfil their musical potential. This serves the best interests of both the artists and the company, resulting in both artistic and professional satisfaction as well as a commercial return.