Inka Marka’s fifth album, Shaman, is a set of interpretations of
classic Latin and Andean songs. Highlights include Besame Mucho,
Moliendo Café and Brazil.

Melbourne-based Inka Marka play traditional music from the Andes in South America. Founded by Jose Diaz in 1997, members have immigrated to Australia from Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

“The name Shaman came to us because of the spiritual strength and healing processes inherent to Andean music,” says lead vocalist and bassist Enrique Berbis.

The Inka Marka sound is one of ancient rhythms and Inka mysticism. Pan flutes dance with the vibrant charango and wistful quena, anchored by the guitar, bass, violin and goatskin drum.

“Andean music is about the emotion communicated through each note. It’s uplifting; it takes the listener to a higher plane. The music is also inherent to ancient Inka spirituality,” says Berbis.

Inka Marka are:
Jose Diaz Rodriguez - bombo, Roland octapad, percussion, vocal
harmonies, samponas, rondador
Enrique Berbis - lead vocal, bass guitar, samponas
Jaime Carrasco - quena, quenacho, samponas, toyos, vocal harmonies
Michel Bestrin - charango, electric charango, samponas, vocal harmonies
Cristian Seguin - guitar, samponas, vocal harmonies

Inka Marka - Shaman