Invention in Time is a marimba and vibraphone duo based in Melbourne, Australia. Their newly released second album Memories of a Time to Come is a varied collection of original and evocative sound sculptures that stimulate the mind and refresh the soul.

Memories of a Time to Come exhibits a unique Australian sound. The secret to its distinctive tone is the contrast between the deep, mellow marimba and the bright, jazzy vibraphone. The two instruments from the mallet percussion family are in expert hands, and Kate Adam (marimba) and Ariel Valent (vibraphone) have devised multi-layered, textured compositions that showcase the instruments’ sonic range. The use of drums, gongs and flute adds further textural richness.

The collection on Memories of a Time to Come features uncommon time signatures, syncopated contrapuntal lines, improvisation, interweaving melodies and minimalist techniques. Through the seven tracks, the impression is of both complexity and simplicity.