ARIA award winning artist, Kavisha Mazzella releases her latest album, Silver Hook Tango.

This album is a far more personal excursion than her previous releases.

Quotes Kavisha - “ I feel that this is the most personal writing that I have ever done ... the album includes songs about hard-won wisdom and disasterous love affairs”.

The stripped nature of the production gives the album a wistful atmosphere, which enhances the personal nature of the singing. Even the political songs end up as the voice of regret and missed opportunity rather than anger.
Kavisha’s theatrical background, (she has written for, and performed in theatre productions), is incorporated into her recorded work successfully on this album.

“Kavisha stands out for her ability to express a full range of sounds from her voice ... from pretty and delicate, to the rough and the vibrant”... Lucky Oceans - The Planet, Radio National.