Kinja are Ron Murray and Sarah James, two musicians celebrating the cultural heritage of their ancestors in a blend of Indigenous Australian and Celtic music. Ron, a descendent of the Wamba Wamba tribe (Swan Hill, Victoria), and Sarah, whose roots are Scottish, perform under the name Kinja, a Wamba Wamba word meaning “my home”. This debut album is a musical exploration and union of Indigenous Australia, Scotland and Ireland. With Ron on didgeridoo and Sarah playing the fiddle and singing, the sounds of Aboriginal Australia uniquely combine with Celtic jigs, reels, airs and ballads. In many ways, Ron and Sarah feel that playing together is their special contribution to reconciliation between Indigenous and non Indigenous people in this country. Ron and Sarah first started playing together on their honeymoon in early 1998 while traveling in the outback WA. "The spirit of the ancestors of that country felt very real and we really quite spontaneously began playing, as if to honour them… we haven't stopped playing together ever since".

Music continues to be a central part of their lives. The duo regularly performs at festivals, reconciliation events, artistic community and corporate functions.