Melbourne-based Blues guitar man, Lloyd Spiegel, releases his latest album, Timber And Steel, through Black Market Music this month.  

Lloyd’s sponsor, Cole Clark Guitars, called on him to do a series of promotional showcases in Germany and Italy in March/April 2006, following the success of his Japanese showcase tour in mid-2005.  

Lloyd Spiegel is more than comfortable performing overseas. By age 20, Lloyd had three albums and four international tours under his belt and had performed alongside Ray Charles, Buddy Guy, Canned Heat, Robert Cray and Bob Dylan. He has toured the US, coast to coast, six times.  

The initial idea for the album, conceived by Lloyd and producer John Durr, was to stay as true to the live show as possible. While there was some industry pressure to come up with a more commercial sound, the pull to keep it simple and record live in the studio, with the focus on the songs and guitar, was too appealing.  

The result is Timber And Steel. Lloyd’s song-writing is taken to new heights in this all acoustic, twelve-track recording. His storytelling style, highlighted by catchy chorus’ and riffs, goes from the dark humor of “If I Killed You When I Met You”, to the humble offering to his baby boy, “King With No Crown”.  

Lloyd’s trademark complex Blues guitar solos feature on the album. To this new work, he adds his first recording with a lap steel in the closing track, “Bad Girl” - a genuine tour de force. Demonstrating his proficiency and focus, the guitar work is dizzying, particularly considering the whole album was recorded and mixed in a single day. “We were in the studio at 10.30am, we got out of there about 7pm, with a lunch break...” recalls producer John Durr.
 Lloyd Spiegel - Timber & Steel