Mihirangi’s debut solo album Kulcha Nation (BMMR06) is a collage of acoustic soul-roots and funky r’n’b. Coloured with themes of culture and spirituality, the collection is a passionate internal journey of extremes: from danceable rhythms to lyrics evoking quiet reverie. Her sound utilizes vocal loops, beat boxing and vocal bass lines, along with acoustic guitar and tribal rhythms, to accompany her R'n'B infused vocals.

Mihirangi has enjoyed an extensive international touring career, including concerts at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Amsterdam Roots Festival. She is on the bill for the Australian East Coast Blues and Roots Festival 2006.

Mihirangi was the recipient of the J B Seed Award in 2005 to study beat-boxing with Mal Webb. She is a former member of vocal group Akasa and Australian band The Stiff Gins.

Both her parents were professional musicians in New Zealand; Mihirangi’s induction into the world was a musical one.

“My mother went into labour with me during a concert. It was dad’s kick drum that set it off!” She tells.

The aim of Kulcha Nation is to accurately express the warm vibes and sounds of her live concerts.

Kulcha Nation demonstrates Mihirangi’s lyric range from potent social commentary to emotionally heightened personal experience.

“I write mostly about personal, social, environmental and indigenous experienced and my Maoritanga (Maori spiritual beliefs) is the base of all my music.” Mihirangi explains.