After a performance career spanning eighteen years, young Brisbane Bluesman, Mojo Webb, has released his long-time-coming debut album The Burden through Black Market Music.

The Burden captures the danceable frenetic energy of Mojo's live shows. The singular sound comprises rocking Chicago-style Blues, infused with the flavours of a Mississippi Juke-Joint.

The Burden is a journey of love, loss, and a man's intuition. Best known for the husky timbre of his vocals, Mojo's deliver is soulful. Mojo takes his guitar and vocal influence from Buddy Guy, matching emotional depth with technical precision.

Mojo plays every instrument on this album. The innovative multi-instrumentalist borrowed a bass, and bought his first drum kit for the purpose of recording The Burden. Mojo has played the harp for over ten years, and the saxophone for just one year.

Mojo explains the recording process:
“I recorded the album in a farm house in northern New South Wales. Just me, lots of instruments and some wallabies and cows. Maintaining the improvisational and spontaneous side of things was the most important thing for me. If I wasn't in the mood to play or sing, I would go outside and talk to the cows!”