Myrrh: intoxicating, exotic, full of zest and spirit. Myrrh’s music evokes the aural equivalent to the scent.

Using flute, djembe drum, bass, guitar and fluid vocals, four young Melbourne women have poured their soul and talent into their debut album: A Different Whisper.

Subtle Middle-eastern and jazz tones colour the upbeat folk music. The album explores many moods: from breezy harmony laden songs, vivacious harmonica-tinged romps to cool laid back grooves.

“Our music is earthy and spiritual. Inspired by everyday experiences, what’s in our hearts and minds at the time of writing. It’s uplifting” says vocalist/guitarist Kristen Britten.

Kristen, Penny, Candy and Jeanette were firm friends before the band formed in 2001, each with years of solo musical experience. Kristen was originally the sole songwriter; now this process is a collaboration between all four women.

Gillian Welsh, Ani Di Franco and Jethro Tull’s flute-rock remain major influences.

“We want our music to inspire people” says percussionist Candy Edwards.

Myrrh are:
Kristen Britten: vocals/guitar
Penny Frearson: flute
Jeanette Tamplin: bass
Candy Edwards: percussion