Standing alone in the folk scene as a true original, Penelope Swales is one of Australia’s leading folk artists, who has forged her own musical path. Sassy, provocative, committed and supremely talented.

‘Monkey Comfort’ is Penelope’s first album of new material since 1999, and represents a leap forward for her. Staying true to her vocation as troubadour, she describes her journey both personally and politically.

The album is a creative beacon, signposting the various strands running through the folk scene today; the strong acoustic guitar of Penelope, along with loops, acapella vocals and her usual perceptive lyricism.

Commencing with her debut album in 1990, Penelope has stayed true to her artistic vision. She has witnessed the journey of acoustic folk from a derided by-road in the music industry, to the slicked-up commercial emptiness of today. She has never wavered from her musical origins, her incisive commentaries or her fans.

‘Monkey Comfort’ is a double album, available at a special single album price.
Penelope Swales - Monkey Comfort