As a young boy, Ray would drive his family crazy playing the Hammond organ at home before and after school everyday. He played his first show at 12 years old making him the youngest semi-professional organist in Australia at the time.

On the weekends in his teen years he would take his Hammond M100 out to the halls and shearing sheds around Orange NSW where he would jam the blues with like-minded musicians. In those days it was Jimmy Smith, Bobby Bland and Motown for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At 16, Ray began working for W.H. Palings & Co. as an apprentice piano tuner and the store manager would get him to play out on the footpath to demonstrate the latest Hammond organ model. The crowds would gather for Ray’s free concert.

It wasn’t long before Ray began to frequent the blues clubs around Sydney where all the action was happening. From there he toured and recorded with many of Australia’s top artists including Marcia Hines, sharing many a stage with the cream of Australia’s musicians. He has also been in line-ups that have supported international artists touring down under such as Joe Cocker.

On “Mockingbird Blues”, Ray presents an album with the classic Hammond organ trio lineup of organ, sax and drums – a popular musical combo of the 1950’s and 60’s in the black American music scene. Welcome to the fabulous Ray Vanderby Trio!