Tiffany Eckhardt’s fifth album Horse is a sweet ode to freedom, family and life in rural Australia. Imbued with a certain rustic serenity Eckhardt describes this as a reflective album, a soundtrack for lazy days. Horse is about growth, the journey marking the potent transition from girl to woman to mother.

The folk artist retains a refined version of her trademark delicate vocals and guitar work, influenced by the music of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Norah Jones and folk singer Patty Griffin.

Horse features the talents of Dave Steel on guitar, mandolin, harmonica and percussion, Sandy Brady on double bass and Daniella Rocca on accordion.

Critics Praise Her Recent Works:
"An album brimming with beautiful crafted works by an artist deserving recognition beyond the latte lounge brigade... she has packaged an impressive debut that sits equally among more seasoned major label releases" - The Age

“Some of the most intricate and beautiful songs about love that I've heard for quite some time” - Trad and Now Magazine

“...Eckhardt’s most confident and realised album...”
- Rhythms Magazine

" ...occupies a zone somewhere between the razor edged Ani Di Franco and the smooth ‘power folk’ of Shawn Colvin... healthy signs!" - Rolling Stone Magazine
Tiffany Eckhardt - Horse